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Create a thriving community in the Wild West! Engage in the core farming activities: sow, grow, and harvest crops, care for your livestock, and produce the vital resources needed for farm life. Build homes, factories, and various buildings to enhance the comfort of our residents for an ultimate farming game experience.

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Game Overview


Non-stop fun all year round

Homesteads: Dream Farm offers unique competitive events and mini-games every month! Join your friends and challenge other players for precious rewards in these fun and challenging competitions. Start your adventure today and shape your own farming saga.

Play Homesteads: Dream Farm on mobile or PC

Whether relaxing at home or commuting to work, you can harvest crops, care for your ponies, and send gifts anytime. Homesteads is cross-platform, allowing you to play seamlessly on any device, anywhere, all under a single account. Play your favorite farm game on your mobile device for convenience or on your computer for a better experience!

Team up with your friends

Connect with your friends on Facebook to play and exchange gifts to help each other build amazing cities together. Explore the social side of farming and city-building with old and new friends. Discover why Homesteads is the best online farming game for collaborative play!

Game Features

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience as a town sheriff. Capture outlaws and test your luck at the Saloon. Open mines and quarries to boost your economy. Send ships on maritime adventures to gather exotic goods.

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Build and personalize your own Wild West metropolis. With limitless design options, you can decorate and customize your city to reflect your unique style and vision.

Discover Unique Characters

Meet a cast of friendly, intriguing characters with compelling life stories. They'll guide you through the game and offer their specialized services to boost your goods' production.

Enhanced Social Play

The joy of gaming is better shared! Invite friends to join the fun, assist neighbors, and exchange gifts to enrich your collective experience.

Immersive Experience

Dive into a world of distinctive mechanics, stunning graphics, and memorable characters. Forge new friendships and embark on thrilling adventures across the expansive world of Homesteads game!

Tilting Point


Trade with townspeople
Plant and harvest
Mine gold
Catch criminals

News & Updates

Trade Fever
The Trade Fever event is currently active! 🤑 Engage in trading at the market and accumulate points. Exciting rewards await! 😮🌟
May 6, 2024
Catch criminals
Homesteaders, the new card event Pursuit to the Gangs is started! 🤩 The sheriff is determined to catch all the gangs in town, but he needs some help! 👮👮♀️ Catch all bandits and get a valuable reward! 🤑
May 6, 2024
Transport Marathon
🌟 Join us in the high-speed Transport Marathon! 🚂🚢 Send as many types of transport as possible to accumulate points. 🏇 The faster you go, the greater the rewards! 🎁
May 6, 2024
Now is the time to wear the cowboy hat and bring order to this town!
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